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The Rector/Reader writes…

Jesus is risen HALLELUIA!

By the time you get to read this it will be Easter Sunday or even later and we will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! It is now we toss aside the sorrow of Lent and replace it with the joy of Easter. The time for sorrow is over and now it is time to rejoice! Easter is the most important day in our faith lives because without it, none of us could have new life with our sins forgiven on earth, and the promise of eternal life in Heaven. For it was through His passion, death and resurrection that Jesus took the sins of the world upon his shoulders and made it possible for all of us to enter into the Kingdom!

Many Anglican churches have removed the figure of Christ from their crosses to symbolize the importance of the resurrection over the crucifixion. In St Thomas and St Cuthbert's we continue to remember the crucifixion, in spite
of the fact that the resurrection is of primary importance, and you will notice that we still have a figure of Christ upon the cross. We do this so we remember the suffering that Jesus underwent for us despite the fact that he was without sin. Seeing the figure of Christ on the cross emphasizes the humanity of our Lord, who chose to become man so that he could overcome death and despair for all of us. His death and resurrection remind us of the overwhelming love God has for each of us. He loves us so much that he gave his only Son so that whoever believes in Him can have forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

So is that it? Well no as each of us now need to take the incredible events of Holy Week to heart and to choose to follow God; and having chosen the life and love that Jesus offers, we then need to go into our world and offer it to everyone that we have contact with. Our call is to follow Jesus and to bring him and His love to everyone we meet through our words and actions. I hope you had lovely Easter and enjoy the spring and the summer to come; and I also hope that you will take the love of Christ with you as you journey through the rest of the year.

With love and blessings



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