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Rule of Life

Our Bishop, Rt Rev Paul Bayes, has challenged us all to read the gospel of Mark.

It’s part of what the Bishop has called our Rule of Life, where ALL who want to deepen their faith are called to "Pray, Read and Learn". The Liverpool Diocesan website has recently had several simple suggestions as to how to incorporate that into our everyday lives.

In response to the call to read, the Bishop asks us to read Mark's gospel. Mark's gospel was the first one written, so is closer to the events. It's written in a very accessible style and it is the shortest of the gospels.

The Bishop suggests we read three chapters a week. There are 16 chapters so it would take 5 week (and a bit!) but – at the risk of contradicting a Bishop – in one sitting it takes less than 2 hours. Youtube has a clip of David Suchet (Poirot!) reading the entire gospel in 1 hour 32 minutes - – and a live reading by David Suchet at St Paul's Cathedral from 2017 with an introduction to the reading. It lasts for 2 hours

If you like audiobooks, have the actress Juliet Stevenson reading it in 1hour and 9 minutes.
Reading it in one sitting gave me a whole new perspective on individual incidents in the life of Jesus that I was already familiar with. If you possibly can find one and a half to two hours, I would strongly recommend it.

To get the most out of it, the Bishop offers the following questions to reflect on what we are reading/hearing:
• What did Mark's readers make of these stories andreflections?
• And what is God telling me in this passage?
• And how does it help me grow as a disciple, a follower of the Jesus I read about there?
• And what practical steps can I take in my life as a result of reading these particular stories and thoughts?
• And what questions does it inspire in me, and who can I discuss them with as we learn together?

I hope you find this helpful, and that it deepens your faith.

With best wishes,



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