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God’s church is amazing…

Hi everyone, it’s lovely to be able to say to a belated Happy New Year! And yes, to confirm that I am missing you all. As many of you will know, since last September I have been an ordinand in training for the Priesthood. I train part time with All Saints based at St Aidan’s which is the new training facility built on to St James' House. I also study on regular residential weekends, retreats and summer school. Now if that all sounds rather busy, it is! However besides being hard work, it is very interesting and rewarding. I've made lots of new friends and met some amazing people.

At the moment I am on placement at St. Michaels Church Aughton and Holy Trinity Bickerstaffe. Everyone has made me very welcome and I am enjoying having lots of new experiences, including different styles of worship.

This isn’t my only placement, as when I come back to you after Easter I am still considered to be on placement in our United Benefice. I will also have to have another placement to gain experience of chaplaincy. The ordinands I train with are from all over the North West and of widely varying ages, backgrounds and churchmanship and this makes it fascinating as we discover more about each other.

The wonderful thing is though, that as each person and church are all different so we are also One Anglican Church. An amazing organisation which allows each church to experience and worship God in their own way while still being part of the world - wide Anglican Communion. I have also been encouraged by how alike we all are, and how each church works hard to help and support others less fortunate. The Church doesn't always get a good press, and this is unfair. The more I learn the more I realise God's church is amazing, and as part of God's church so are each of you!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, every blessing.



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