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Exploratory Drilling/Fracking

Halsall Residents’ Survey
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From the surveys that have been returned to date, all of those who responded had heard of fracking before the survey:
  • 83% DO NOT consider that fracking is good for the country;
  • 88% DO NOT want to see exploratory drilling/fracking in Halsall;
  • 88% DO NOT consider that the cash offered would make up for the consequences of drilling/fracking and the damage to the landscape of Halsall;
  • 80% would support the setting up of a group against exploratory drilling/fracking in Halsall The survey is ongoing and the Parish Council will continue to include the survey in the Halsall News and would urge residents who have not yet responded to do so either using the form in the Halsall News or online:
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Urgent News: Lancashire County Council Consultation
This is currently a joint consultation between Lancashire County Council, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, and Blackpool Council.  LCC describe this as follows:
The three authorities are producing supplementary planning guidance for onshore oil and gas developments, to provide guidance on the implementation of adopted development plan policy as it would apply to onshore oil and gas exploration, production and distribution.

In other words, they are in the process of making decisions which will determine/expand upon how they will deal with planning applications for exploratory drilling and fracking under the existing Local Plan.

The Parish Council commented under the scoping consultation last year and a draft supplementary planning document has been prepared, which is up for comment (also a Scoping Consultation Outcomes Report, and a Screening Statement for Strategic Environmental Assessment) on the LCC website:
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The documents are also available in public libraries. This consultation only runs for 8 weeks from the 5 January 2015 to the 2 March 2015. A recent email from LCC also mentioned the minerals and waste planning policy.  This would presumably cover disposal of drilling/fracking waste.  It is also on the LCC website:
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Community Meeting at Halsall Memorial Hall – Last Week In February 2015
The Parish Council/working group is inviting speakers to address a community meeting to be held before the end of February so that residents can be advised of the current position as regards the proposed seismic survey by Aurora and informed of the possible effects of the supplementary planning guidance.  There will also be an opportunity for residents to express their views on the whole subject of exploratory drilling/fracking.  The meeting will be between 23rd/27th February and will be advertised on noticeboards and at the Pharmacy and Halsall Garage. Please look out for this.

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